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kotell -> Upgrade Firewall Client Automatically (5.Jan.2005 5:39:00 PM)

Since i have to uninstall the 2000 client before it will let me install the 2004 client

I have 300 users how can i make a silent automatic uninstall of the old and install of the new firewall client?

any help is greatly appreciated.

JBakels -> RE: Upgrade Firewall Client Automatically (5.Jan.2005 6:24:00 PM)

How did you deploy the original client?

kotell -> RE: Upgrade Firewall Client Automatically (5.Jan.2005 7:01:00 PM)

With the Group Policy but since i have to do an uninstall first i dont know how

Thanks for the reply

JBakels -> RE: Upgrade Firewall Client Automatically (5.Jan.2005 7:21:00 PM)

It's my understanding that all you need to do is remove the old deployment from GP. If memory serves it will prompt you with either ˘allow users to continue to useÓ÷ or uninstall immediately. You will need to wait until GP's have been applied. I'd restart all the workstations. ThatĂs easy enough with the shutdown /i command.

If you upgraded ISA 2000 this will be a problem because GP won't see the original package. You will need to point the old package to an alternate location. I think you can pull the package off the CD.

IĂll do some checking on my end to verify.

JBakels -> RE: Upgrade Firewall Client Automatically (5.Jan.2005 8:24:00 PM)

I checked GP and you should be able to uninstall. I think you will have a problem if you upgraded the ISA server before uninstalling the client. Microsoft should have put that in the documentation, "If you deployed the Firewall client with group policy be sure to remove the package before deploying ISA 2004".

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kotell -> RE: Upgrade Firewall Client Automatically (5.Jan.2005 10:59:00 PM)

Well, isa is already upgraded to 2004 what's the solution to this problem?

JBakels -> RE: Upgrade Firewall Client Automatically (6.Jan.2005 2:14:00 PM)

This may work. Disable the mspclnt share on the ISA Server. Be sure to note the permissions of the share. Create a new folder on the ISA Server and copy the contents of the clients folder from the ISA 2000 CD to the new folder. Share the folder with the same share name (mspclnt). Now you should be able to remove the package from the Group Policy with the "Immediately remove software from users and computers" options selected.

Do not disable the new share until you know group policies have been applied and the software uninstalled. You can have your users run GPUPDATE /force (force will prompt for restart) or you can restart all the systems at night. Check the event logs to verify the software was removed.

I know this may seem like a slow process but it beets going to every workstation and uninstalling manually.

After you have verified the software is removed you can disable the temporary share and re-enable the original share.

To be on the safe side IĂd restart all the workstations once more before adding the new Firewall Client to GP.

Good luck!

If anyone here has a better solution, please post!

kotell -> RE: Upgrade Firewall Client Automatically (6.Jan.2005 8:00:00 PM)


I will try it, and let you know in a day or two.

kotell -> RE: Upgrade Firewall Client Automatically (11.Jan.2005 7:13:00 PM)

OK so i had to remove first and now i will install to upgrade your directions helped.

Thanks again

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