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dinodod -> Assistance needed for new FWC admin (26.Sep.2005 11:07:00 PM)

I had a ISA 2004 in single NIC mode running for a few months as I tested it on our network. Well, now we have a DUAL NIC Server (I can hear the cheers from you TSnider "[Smile]" ) that I am working on setting up and could use some basic advise / guidance.

I am still looking thru the guidelines / tutorials / posts here but I'm not clear on a few things.

I have a few guidelines I need to address with this server before I can start to migrate the clients.

1) My job is 1 site in a corporation. HQ is using a PIX firewall. While I have no direct connection to HQ's firewall, would it matter if I setup my ISA as a backend firewall -vs- front end? I am thinking it should be a backend firewall. Then again, the edge firewall looks interesting but no details on which would be practical. I thought there was a posting on the different templates once before?

2) I want to put ALL clients under ISA, INCLUDING laptop users! The laptop users go home / tgravel and so they will need internet access when they are not connected to the network. As such, the only possible solution is the FWC, correct? Is ISA designed for laptop users so that the firewall client will protect the users when it's not on the network? How can I protect the laptops?

3) Citrix is coming in fast and I need to design my ISA to support the citrix connections. While I have a Dual NIC server, the clients are currently web proxy clients till further testing. If they remain web proxy clients, will Citrix connections be supported? The Firewall client would work, correct (I would think so)?

Many thanks for your assistance!

dinodod -> RE: Assistance needed for new FWC admin (30.Sep.2005 6:42:00 PM)


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