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skiril -> Outlook/OutExpress strange behavior (28.Sep.2005 2:54:00 PM)

Ok, thats probably not deserve here or maybe not related to ISA at all, but there the strange thing i have.
I got corporate LAN with ISA2004. mailserver is outside ISA as external mail. All clients got firewall client installed.
Problem is - normal outlook (no matter if its XP or 2003) receives mails in hours, when Outlook Express receives same mails in seconds.
Here i need to explain: its a big files -- 55 to 100MB simultaneously spread to different users.
I blame network first - proven to be wrong. I blamed firewall client since OE and Outlook are different programs for it. But when i add OE to the list of programs in client with the same settings -- the different in a speed is still the same.
I got Policy seted up to bypass firewall at all when its connect to mailserver.
Any ideas whats can be so dramatically different in Outlook Express and Professional Outlook client and how i can fix this problem?

tshinder -> RE: Outlook/OutExpress strange behavior (3.Oct.2005 2:53:00 PM)

Are both using POP3?


skiril -> RE: Outlook/OutExpress strange behavior (4.Oct.2005 9:12:00 AM)

yes, all settings are same, except OE has a limited options to configure.
Thats looks very strange for me and i cant find any solution or explanation where to look anywhere.
moreover I tryed with different clients - eudora, thunderbird ==> they faster that MS Outlook but still a lot slower than Outlook Express.

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