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YWAMCape -> Authenticating Macintoshes (28.Oct.2005 10:36:00 AM)

We are running ISA 2004 on Windows Server 2003. Their is a problem where we want to only allow authentiacted users to access the internet, but when we set this rule it denies all Macintosh users (since we can't figure out how to authenticate Macs).

Does anyone have an idea how we can either:
1) set up the Macs to prompt for a username and password
2) make an exception in the authenticated users only rule for Macs


tshinder -> RE: Authenticating Macintoshes (13.Nov.2005 7:28:51 PM)

Hi Y,

You can use authentication for the Mac for Web proxy (for some versions, I understand that some versions of the mac won't even support Web proxy auth). If you can't get them to auth, then create a computer set and allow unauthed connections from those users.


bourqud -> RE: Authenticating Macintoshes (7.Jan.2006 2:27:31 AM)

Sorry, I'm new to ISA (still have to install it in the lab, much more familiar with Pix and Firewall One) and I am waiting for my copy of your book but I need to plan ahead the replacement of a pair of PIX used as second layer fw...

Does the proxy option for the Mac only available with IE for the Mac (phase out by MS) or is it also available/work with other web client?
Will the Mac clients in Proxy mode have to authenticate everytime they start the browser?

Thank you

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