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mattw22 -> VPN works Internal but not via internet (21.Mar.2005 11:57:00 AM)

I have ISA server 2004 and Ive setup a VPN. Ive been able to get internal WinXP machines to connect to the VPN fine.

Ive also been able to get a machine that sits on the external network within the same IP range as the the ISA server to connect. However I cant get machines on the internet to connect.

Before ISA server 2004 I used the Windows 2003 servers VPN and it worked fine. Any help would be appreciated.


tshinder -> RE: VPN works Internal but not via internet (25.Mar.2005 3:45:00 PM)

Hi Matt,

Is the VPN listener configured to listen on the external interface?


Rasha -> RE: VPN works Internal but not via internet (9.Apr.2005 3:04:00 AM)


How do I confirm that I have a VPN Listener on the external interface?

My context:

ISA Server 2004
W2K3 SP1
ISA server has two NICs and is in the domain.

I went through the VPN configuration steps and have reviewed a setup article here. External XP client attempts a remote connection but receives "Error 678: The remote computer did not respond."

In the ISA console under "Network Objects - Web Listeners" I have a "Secure Mail web Listener" and a "Web Listener". Is this where I should expect to find a VPN Listener on the VPN port? Should I have expected the configuration process to set this up?

Thanks, and any diagnostic suggestions to clarify my problem are appreciated.

jwilcox -> RE: VPN works Internal but not via internet (11.Apr.2005 8:57:00 PM)

In the console tree of ISA Server Management, click Virtual Private Networks.
On the Tasks tab, click Select Access Networks.
On the Access Networks tab make sure you have "External" selected if you want to be able to initiate VPN connections from outside your network. This is the interface that ISA will listen on for VPN requests.

Hope this helps.

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