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jinkostas -> VPN????? (5.Nov.2001 2:11:00 PM)

Hello to everybody

i have an Isa Server whit 2 NIC's ---> real IP ---> fake IP

i want all the connections between an external server (
with my client (
to be free all traffic no rule no anything
i mean that i want isa server alla the packets that is betwenn the external server and the internal client to
let them pass...

How can we do that???


Sorry for my english

tshinder -> RE: VPN????? (5.Nov.2001 10:11:00 PM)

Hi jinkostas,

You could create a locallat.txt file on the client with the IP address of the external client. However, the external client will not be able to initiate inbound connections with the client, because that would violate firewall security. You will have to publish the services you want to make available to the external client.



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