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xadave -> 502 Error Received just after sending 'CONNECT xxx' to ISA Server (13.Nov.2001 11:45:00 AM)

I wrote a WinSock application,which connects to server on some TCP port.
I want to make use of proxy protocol,such as SOCKS4,SOCKS5 and HTTPS,
for my app to go accross ISA Server to connect Internet server. I am sure
that I have created proper ISA Server rule to enable that TCP port as the
application copy, which uses SOCKS4 runs well. But when I used HTTPS proxy
protocol,just after I made connection to my ISA Server and then send
'CONNECT xxx' string to ISA Server , the app received an 502 error from
Our ISA Server's HTTP proxy port is 8080.

Now, I wonder if the error resulted from ISA Server configuration or my
that made use of HTTPS protocol.
Any idea or some advice? Thank you in advance.

The 502 error message in buff is:
'HTTP/1.1 502 Proxy Error (The specified Secure Sockets Layer(SSL) port is
not allowed. ISA Server' is not configured to allow SSL request from this
port. Most Web browsers use port 443 for SSL requests.) Via:1.1 XXXPROXYSVR

Code as below˙Ž
/*lpszAddress and nPort are IP address and TCP port for the Internet

if( !m_pSocket->Connect(m_strProxyIP,80) )
AfxMessageBox(_T("Fails to connect to Proxy Server!"));
return FALSE;

char buff[600];
sprintf(buff,"%s%s:%d%s","CONNECT ",lpszAddress, nPort,"
/*Here, buff gets error message.*/

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