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edmund-edvinsen -> Open port 3399 (25.May2005 1:04:00 PM)

I'm behind a ISA 2000 server and want to connect to a terminalserver at one of my customers which has changed rdp port from 3389 to 3399.
1:I have made a new Protocol Def for 3399
2: A new protocol rule for the protocol definition
3: A packet filter for 3399

I'm still unable to connect teh ts session.

Any hints


spouseele -> RE: Open port 3399 (25.May2005 3:32:00 PM)

Hi eddie,

make sure that:
1. the protocol definition is TCP port 3399 outbound.
2. you delete that IP packet filter. It's not needed at all and can create havoc.
3. you specify the unstandard port number in the TS client.

BTW --- you can test the outbound rule with the command 'telnet FQDN 3399'.


edmund-edvinsen -> RE: Open port 3399 (25.May2005 3:41:00 PM)


It works fine..


spouseele -> RE: Open port 3399 (25.May2005 4:52:00 PM)

Hi eddie,

good to hear you have it working and thanks for the follow up! [Smile]


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