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wrburgess -> No Data in Reports (15.Mar.2004 8:13:00 PM)

I am trying to get data reports working on my ISA Server (part of SBS 2000) and the reports, while they seem to be scheduled and running, have zero data in them.

I am following instructions in the "Configuring ISA Server 2000" book, but nothing seems to work.

I know more info is needed from me to figure out the problem, but I am not sure what info to give, yet.

tshinder -> RE: No Data in Reports (15.Mar.2004 11:09:00 PM)

Hi W,

Did you try to install ISA 2004 on SBS 2000? I don't know if that is a supported config.


awome -> RE: No Data in Reports (17.Mar.2004 9:40:00 PM)

well i've got the same trouble.
and i use this feature in isa 2004 for about 1 months and it was working.
i don't know why but since a few day
i have a query who is still running for days and no answer.

you can't kill the querry.

tshinder -> RE: No Data in Reports (18.Mar.2004 3:02:00 AM)

Hi Awome,

Are you creating a query in the logging console or a report?


awome -> RE: No Data in Reports (18.Mar.2004 2:56:00 PM)

in the report and that's was forking for perhaps one month.
without changing something that's stop generating the querry.
perhap's because i restart isa server 2004.

tshinder -> RE: No Data in Reports (19.Mar.2004 12:33:00 AM)

Hi Awome,

It should continue running. Do you see any errors in the Event log regarding reports?


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