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grinn253 -> MSDE Logging ?s & more! =) (17.Nov.2004 9:27:00 PM)


Well ISA config for my public IP scenerio is currently completed "[Eek!]" ! Now to 'fine tune.'

I've searched around, but what is the method to view the logs that were save in MSDE format? Currently i import into Access, but would there be another method?

Also, the logs always appear to be 'locked' or in use -- even logs created from previous weeks. Is there a way to copy or unlock those files for viewing without stopping the firewall/MSDE service?

Does anyone have a pro/con of MSDE vs text logging? I'm assuming the same info is logged? Performance differences between the two?

What about MSDE logging vs. logging to a SQL server pro/cons?

Thanks all!

tshinder -> RE: MSDE Logging ?s & more! =) (8.Dec.2004 2:50:00 PM)

Hi Edgardo,

Text logging is less processor intensive

All logging types log the same information

SQL logging is the most processor intensive and network intensive


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