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ACC -> Publishing Reports (5.Jan.2005 5:31:00 PM)

Hi, I am running mutiple ISA servers and would like to publish reports to a central directory. I have configured a report job on each server setting the Publish Report tab to the path of the central directory ( which I can browse to via the browse button on the tab) and set an account that has access. However the reports are not published to the directory.

The reports are availble from ISA server and I can manually publish the report from ISA to the alternate directory.

Any thoughts.


Kerry.Kriegel -> RE: Publishing Reports (1.Feb.2005 3:36:00 PM)

Not sure this will help, but I have seen problems reported when there are spaces in the path.

\\ServerName\InetPub\Reports\my directory\

If you have spaces, try removing them.

TroyLea -> RE: Publishing Reports (8.May2006 1:34:33 AM)

I can confirm that spaces in the path is the problem. More specifically:

I tried to publish a report to the directory "D:\Users shared folders\username\ISAReports" and this did not work (also "\\servername\Users\username\ISAReports" did not work). I also tried sharing the directory as ISAReports$ and tried publishing to "\\servername\ISAReports$" and this also did not work.

However I created the directory D:\Data\ISAReports and shared the directory as ISAReports$. I then published the reports to "\\servername\ISAReports$" and this worked fine!


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