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RedDog -> Export old MSDE files (5.Sep.2005 12:02:00 PM)

Using MSDE logging, and my log drive is full now. I do have it set to drop old files as space is needed, but I think it would be better to archive old files in case they're needed sometime.

How can I export the MSDE files? Is it just a matter of moving the files? Since they (apparently) can only be read in ISA's MSDE, I would think that would be a problem?

And, as a side note, do most of you compress you log folder? Does compressing the entire log folder cause performance problems?

Thanks for your input

RedDog -> RE: Export old MSDE files (5.Sep.2005 1:02:00 PM)

btw, I did see this:

where it talks about detaching files only if they are not in use........so by using:

OSQL -S computer_name\MSFW -E

That will tell me which ones I can safely archive without having to detach them, right?

Next question, lets say I archive the old files ok, but 6 months from now an issue comes up where I have to pull info from the old files, whats the most common means of handling this?


RedDog -> RE: Export old MSDE files (6.Sep.2005 3:24:00 AM)

The option to compress Log Files is grayed out (dimmed). It *is* a NTFS partition. Any idea why that would be?


MRIS -> RE: Export old MSDE files (7.Sep.2005 7:40:00 PM)

you can't (read: shouldn't) compress MSDE databases.
if you simply use SQL enterprise manager on the ISA2004 MSDE, you can detach databases at will, the detached databases behave just like normal SQL databases, meaning if you want to open one, simply use SQL enterprise manager to attach them to a SQL server then you can open them (eg with access, or with SQL EM).

RedDog -> RE: Export old MSDE files (8.Sep.2005 5:18:00 PM)

Thanks, I'm not sure how to do that. In looking at log names, they have different dates, but are are modifyed recently. Apparently MSDE 'works with' all the files. Am I to assume then, that it is all the files are ONE database?

I'll have to find some reading material and see if I can figure it out.

Not at all sure MSDE was a good idea, for me.

What I wanted, was to basically have all the data dumped into a Access database, and then use that to archive, query.

There's a post on the forums explaining how to do that, but I was never able to get it to go.

tim_jarvo_7661 -> RE: Export old MSDE files (15.Sep.2005 6:58:00 AM)

Did anyone ever answer this? I too would like to know how to "archive" the firewall and proxy MSDE logs. There appears to be nothing in the ISA Server 2004 book to say how to do this? There must be a way.

RedDog -> RE: Export old MSDE files (15.Sep.2005 12:21:00 PM)

Yeah, I'm in the dark here. There is this:

but I thought ISA MSDE was a stripped down or otherwise modified version of MSDE, so I'm not sure that site even applies.

There is this: (watch wrap)

But, it appears to me that ALL the MSDE files are one DB. Therefore, detaching the DB and archiving it would work, but then I'm starting with a fresh DB, and wouldn't have the last few days, weeks, available for searching within ISA.

What I'm looking for, is a way of archiving ONLY the oldest data, up to a certain date.

Guess thats what I'll have to do, though.

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RedDog -> RE: Export old MSDE files (20.Sep.2005 11:28:00 PM)

ok, got it working. I used the info at:

thing is, I tried this many times over the past week or two, it finally worked, don't know why. Before, I was always getting an error something along the lines of "error on line 1, close to the -S" (something like that). All of a sudden, it worked!

Exported (detached) several, then had that same error again. Tried again, and worked again. I don't know why I was having the problem before. I know I looked and looked to double check my typing. Shrug

Now, I've got about 6 months worth of .mdf files to detach/export. Sigh

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