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Guest -> no dns resolution in logs or monitoring (27.Oct.2005 8:26:00 PM)

hi -

not sure what is wrong with my setup, everything works fine, except reverse dns resolution doesn't seem to be working in repect to the isa server monitoring function (sessions tab only shows an ip for client host name) and the same is also true when isa generates a log. this system runs its' own dns server which resolves through the loopback ( a rule allowing dns traffic from anywhere to anywhere and nslookup functions fine.

any ideas?

chris10 -> RE: no dns resolution in logs or monitoring (28.Oct.2005 8:48:00 AM)


Tinto kindly referred me to collective software's loghostname.

It will not do the realtime session resolution, but will resolve DNS in logs & reports.

I purchased the software after evaluation - it's great value and the licence seems really neat specifically allowing an installation on a test rig as well as a production server.


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