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controlair -> The "Client Username" does not show real username? (31.Oct.2005 3:30:00 PM)

We are testing our ISA2004 in a test lab and it goes so far so good except few problems.

When checking the log, we want to be able to tell which user requested the traffic, however under the column of "Client Username", it's either blank or "anonymous", why is that? How should I tune it so it will show the correct usernames?

In the log window there is a lot of columns that we do want to keep, however there doesn't seem to be a way to view contents that is over the screen, specifictly the information under URL column.

Is there another way I can view the log?

tshinder -> RE: The "Client Username" does not show real username? (18.Nov.2005 3:00:22 PM)

Hi ControlAir,

For the most comprehensive logging and reporting, you'll need to configure the clients as Firewall and Web proxy clients. Then you'll get user name and machine names for all connections through the ISA firewall.


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