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andfirth -> nat or route (5.Aug.2004 2:01:00 AM)

hi thomas, I have a question:
broadbandrouter in front line of defense
my setup isa server 2004 in second line of defense
my broadband router do nat to isa. I saw by the internet acces properties in the management console the choice between route or nat. nat is selected now as default. I was thinking nat is working now twice on the router and on the isa.
is that not overkill. What happens if I choose for route ,does that change something ?
can you make it more clear for me
thanks anyway

tshinder -> RE: nat or route (5.Aug.2004 1:00:00 PM)

Hi Andy,

I don't see any advantages to that approach, and a lot of disadvantages. Remember that a broadband router isn't much protection, so you should take advantage of all the firewall features the ISA firewall has to offer! I would consider the segment between the broadband NAT device/bridge as *not* secure, only what's behind the ISA firewall would be considered secure.


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