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tinto -> Restricting Web access to some users (15.Sep.2004 12:00:00 PM)


my target is to allow all users in my company to surf the web, but excluding some.
I've created a rule in position 10 that allows all users to surf. Then another rule in position 9 that denies access to a group of users.
The properties of my "internal" net are all default (i.e. using integrated auth, NOT requiring all users to autenticate).

It works but watching at log I see that everytime IE asks ISA to retrieve a site it tries as 'anonymous', isa denies, than IE passes user&pass.
This causes some problem i.e. with automatic JRE installing from Sun site: the installer stops saying "proxy does not allow...". If I disable the denying rule it works.

Should I use firewall client? Thanks in advance.

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tshinder -> RE: Restricting Web access to some users (15.Sep.2004 4:58:00 PM)

Hi Tinto,

No problem, that's normal for authenticating proxies.


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