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zorba_dundee -> ISA with IIS - 403 Forbidden (no user names) (26.Oct.2004 8:04:00 AM)

My current config is
* Windows 2003 server (DC) with
ISA 2004 (running Cache Mode only) and
IIS6 (running sharepoint Services)

I noticed a problem where by ISA 2004 (log) was not picking up user names of users in the domain when logging. Instead it logged each entry as anonymous .
I changed a setting under the object
"Internal" -> "Web Proxy" -> Authentication -> Require all users to Authenticate.

This seemed to solve the problem, yet brought up another problem.
When i try to access the internal web server (Same server as above) using computer name (eg http://server1/intranet) i receive 403 forbidden error (12202). If on the other hand i used the full FQDN (, i am asked to authenticate with the server (which i understand since it is not under the local intranet zone), and i am able to access the web server.

I would like to know why ISA server is unable to correctly pick up user name when trying to access the web server using Netbios name?
Is there something i'm doing wrong or does ISA require FQDN to authenticate users?

tshinder -> RE: ISA with IIS - 403 Forbidden (no user names) (26.Oct.2004 1:20:00 PM)

Hi Zorba,

The ISA firewall doesn't have a cache mode. The ISA firewall is *always* a firewall, and the best one you can get right now, BTW.

Are you using ISA Server 2000?


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zorba_dundee -> RE: ISA with IIS - 403 Forbidden (no user names) (27.Oct.2004 1:08:00 AM)


Let me rephrase that, I have used the single network template on ISA 2004, which to what i understand is primarily used for a caching server.


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