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TheCrow -> Web Publishing (25.Nov.2004 10:26:00 AM)


I have installed ISA 2004 as a caching server on WIndows 2003 and this is working and serving pages to my users ok. However, when I try to publish an internal web server I keep getting a 502 error.

The internal web server is working correctly, and I have followed the tutorials on this site for the publishing rule, but I must be missing something?

I have VMwared 2 test servers in case my install was corrupt but the same problem exists when I try to connect via the external IP/folder to the internal web server.

Does anyone have any ideas were I'm going wrong?

tshinder -> RE: Web Publishing (25.Nov.2004 2:38:00 PM)

Hi Crow,

What are the exact details of your Web Publishing Rule?


TheCrow -> RE: Web Publishing (25.Nov.2004 4:19:00 PM)

Hi Tom,

I have the following rules:
(1) Allow all outbound
(2) Web Publishing Rule
(3) Default deny

The Web Publishing Rule is as follows
Allow from Anywhere to Internal Web Server (HTTP), all requests to path /*

Listner has all networks, enable http (80), Integrated, no authentication

The logging screen has GET http://serverip/folder denied connection by default deny rule.

Hope this helps, and you can help [Smile] I'm working on a VM session with ISA 2000 in case I cant get ISA 2004 to work.

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