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seeker01 -> Google & Yahoo (1.Dec.2004 2:09:00 AM)

Dear all,
I currently run ISA on Windows 2003 standalone server as web proxy server only (not configured as firewall mode), located behind the firewall. ISA uses the internal Windows 2003 DNS Server (not Active Directory) to do name resolution process. So any uncached DNS record will be forwarded to another public DNS server that sits at DMZ. For nearly a month now our IE users are facing intermittent problem with & web page from ISA. I noticed if I configure my ISA using the public DNS, both web sites work. But this will not be preference at all. Any clues would be appreciated. thanks. Rgds, seeker01

ianfermo -> RE: Google & Yahoo (1.Dec.2004 7:31:00 AM)


Did you try using the IP Address of the URL if it browse? If so you may try to remove the forwarders on your local DNS and utilizing the root hints only to resolve external DNS.


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