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step4tac -> Problem with submitting web pages (27.Jan.2005 12:50:00 PM)

Hi there,

We recently did an upgrade from ISA2000 to ISA2004.

Everything works fine, except, when our users visit certain websites, and they submit a form, the following page is blank. This does not happen on all website forms, only certain ones.

Has anyone encountered something strange like this before ?

Guest -> RE: Problem with submitting web pages (27.Jan.2005 7:43:00 PM)

I also have this problem.

I have a rule to block Application Downloads. The usual .EXE, .MSI, etc.

If I have the rule enabled and you click submit on some pages, you get a blank page on the browser. If you look at the source, all it contains is the open and close tags for the header, body and HTML.

If I disable the rule the page works just fine. I disabled the rule and then watched the monitoring as I submitted. It accesses a .asp page, a .js file (I am guessing to validate the login info), a gif, and a .jpeg.

I have checked and .asp and .js isn't on the list of blocked content in the rule. I also looked at the MIME content on the monitoring for those files and it is blank.

I even tested leaving .MSI as the ONLY content blocked. Blank pages happen even with just .MSI blocked.

Not sure where to go with this issue, but from searching it appears ALOT of people are having this issue. So far, I haven't found the answer.



tshinder -> RE: Problem with submitting web pages (28.Jan.2005 2:54:00 AM)

Hey guys,

1. What is the exact config or a rule that causes this?

2. What site is blocked when you have this rule enabled?


step4tac -> RE: Problem with submitting web pages (2.Feb.2005 12:03:00 PM)

Hi there Tom, Nice to chat with you!

I am not sure about CMSTech, but the rule on our system that creates this problem, is a rule we use to deny users access to Audio/Video downloads during working hours. The rule looks like this.

Protocols: All Outbound Traffic
From: Internal Network Set
To: Anywhere
Users: All Users
Schedule: Work hours
Content Types:
//Selected content types:

When this rule is enabled then posting to "only certain" forms does not work (the search or register function on this site does not work, while a search on Google or many other sites work fine.

All our users have their gw set to the ip of the ISA 2004 box and they also have their proxy in their browser set to the same box. -- We then have Authentication enabled on all outbound browsing.

Any ideas will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks a stack !


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