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step4tac -> Problem submitting WebPages (14.Feb.2005 10:01:00 AM)

Hi there,

We recently did an upgrade from ISA2000 to ISA2004.

Everything works fine, except, when our users visit certain websites, and they submit a form, the following page is blank. This does not happen on all website forms, only certain ones.

We can remedy the situation by switching off our deny audio/video rule. This then fixes our problem, but then our users start to hammer our bandwidth.

The rule in question looks like this.
The rule looks like this.

Protocols: All Outbound Traffic
From: Internal Network Set
To: Anywhere
Users: All Users
Schedule: Work hours
Content Types:
//Selected content types:

Has anyone encountered something strange like this before ?

tshinder -> RE: Problem submitting WebPages (19.Feb.2005 2:33:00 PM)

Hi Steven,

The ISA fireall's log files will show you the MIME type that being blocked. Unblock the MIME type being returned by the server and things will work.


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