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shaunyoung -> sqlservr.exe using high CPU (2.Mar.2005 7:39:00 PM)

Hi All,

I have 4 ISA 2004 servers with the same issue. There is a service called sqlservr.exe that is eating my memory (I dont have SQL installed). Before i booted one server it had eaten 1.7gb out of my possible 4gb, leaving me only 700mb free!

does anyone know why this is???


MadX -> RE: sqlservr.exe using high CPU (27.Feb.2008 9:55:03 PM)

I have the same issue in 4 servers but with ISA 2006

also don't have SQL server installed.

this sqlservr.exe is taking so much memory so i followd this artical

and i could actually make a limit for it.

but when traking the I/O for the same sqlservr.exe it's still taking very high hit mor than any other proccessor.

please any one can help on that?

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