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JaimeP -> ISA Caching Behavior or IE? (27.Mar.2005 1:26:00 AM)

I have caching enabled on my ISA Server.

When I download files, IE doesn't ask where to save it until it's already downloaded.

Why do I care? Because I can't see the download progress in IE. It sits there while ISA downloads it, and then when ISA has it, it passes it on to IE.

I can tell ISA is caching it because when it downloads it, it's lightning fast because it's coming from the ISA Server. That would be fine for 2nd and the nth time you've downloaded something, but for the first time, I'd like to see a live download progress.

I even tried to disable the cache and I still had this behavior. Anyone know how to fix it?



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LLigetfa -> RE: ISA Caching Behavior or IE? (27.Mar.2005 2:49:00 PM)

Well... you ruled out your ISA when you disabled the cache. Any chance there is another upstream caching server?

I am not aware of any built-in features in IE that would DL silently in the background. Is there a chance that a DL manager add-in was installed? Have you tried from another PC with a clean build?

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