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The following example, which I take from the Microsoft KB, explains exactly what I want to do. However, the code examples they mention do not appear in my samples in the sdk. Can any one give me more information on how to do the following? In my case, I have a content management solution on the mother "node", and I would like for the application to trigger a process to delete all the URLs in the remote ISA Server(s) Cache for that particular client. I know how to create a list of the files needing updating, but don't understand exactly what I would need to do to get those into FetchURL script on the remote ISA Server(s).

If I can get this figured out, I'll save thousands/month in hosting services!

Thanks for any help you folks can give me.

From Microsoft Site:

Example 2
In a Web hosting scenario, your organization may regularly update part of the information on its Web site. All or part of the Web site data can be cached on an ISA Server cache. When the Web site information changes, the cache will have to be updated. You can use the FetchUrl method to streamline the update process. In the central database for the Web site information, create an application that generates a file listing all of the files that have changed. Use FetchUrl to retrieve that file. Parse the file to create a list of files that require updating. Then use FetchUrl to retrieve each updated file from the database. This use of FetchUrl allows you to update only the cache files that have changed.

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Hi Christopher,

You might also want to post in the programming section. That's where the coders hang out.


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