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Mikecl -> ISA Proxy 1Nic (25.May2005 2:48:00 PM)


New to ISA Server, havent bought my book yet but have a question.
I have installed isa server into our AD domain but the Server only has one NIC connected currently to the Inside Network. We use a PIX for a firewall, Eventually I will connect the external isa interface either on the DMZ, or directly on the Outside. For Now i want certain devices to be able to use the Proxy/web browsing facilities via the ISA server. I have added the default route on the ISA inside interface to the PIX inside address and a route back via another router for the rest of the internal clients. The ISA server can connect to the internet ok but the clients get a blocked message from the ISA server. I have added a rule allowing http,https traffic. Looking in the monitor the web client in question seems to say it is connecting to the outside interface?
I realise this is not a normal config but for now I just want web browsing. Help appreciated

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