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ljp1967 -> Active FTP outbound for Web Client in Citrix Session (6.Jun.2005 1:24:00 AM)

Hello All,

Here is the scenario:

ISA 2004 Single Adapter Mode (Cache Only)

All clients use Citrix Desktop Sessions for Internet Access (Browser configured to use ISA as proxy)

Access Rule configured to allow access for "All Users" for FTP site

Web Browser (IE) configured for Active Mode
(Enable Folder View for FTP Sites option checked)

Citrix Servers and ISA server on the same subnet
(Firewall Client not installed on Citrix Servers)

Had a look at MS Kb Article but I believe this does not apply because Citrix Servers are not SecureNat clients


Operation is timing out

Installed CuteFTP on a PC, configured proxy settings to use ISA server and specified a domain account's credentials and all works fine.
(This PC on another subnet than ISA server)

So from this I am thinking that IE is not sending User authentication to the proxy server.

If more information is needed please ask.

Thanks in Advance,

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