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mrwu -> ISA2004 Enterprise with NLB (15.Jun.2005 3:36:00 AM)

Hi All,

Currently I installed 2 ISA 2004 Enterprise server in 2 win2003 servers,
ISA01 and ISA02. they are running cache mode only.
ISA01 is the primary CSS and ISA02 is secondary CSS. both servers only have
2 NIC Cards. 1 for internal and 1 for Intra-array.
everythings go fine until I test the NLB and VIP.

when I diable the ISA01 internal interface, it work fine and it
automatically fail-over to ISA02 and I can access to internet. but when I
enable ISA01 interface back, the firewall service start succussfully, but the
VIP port 8080 cannot blind to the interface.
it said Web Proxy Filer failed to blind its socket to (my VIP) port
8080......... to resolve this issue, restart firewall serves. Event ID: 14148

and I type netstat -na in cmd, the port 8080 is not listening.. so
the web proxy service was down. and I have to restart the firewall to resume

Q: is it normal ?
Q: Can I resolve it issue without restart the firewall serves? so if the
switches down and cause the network interfaces down, I don't need to restart
the firewall service in order to resume services...
Q: how to test my server is load balancing?
Q: is the log will store in ISA servers seperately?


tshinder -> RE: ISA2004 Enterprise with NLB (15.Jun.2005 6:46:00 AM)

Hi Mr. Wu,

Moving this to Web proxy section, since it refers to a downlevel config (cache only).


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