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zodiaczz -> authentication password prompts (24.Mar.2005 1:21:00 AM)

Hello I am new to ISA server and need to get some ideas on an issue at a client site. The client has web proxy set up and Requires all users to authenticate. He is hoping to watch all internet activity. So any time an application needs to access the internet such as when an email html file comes in, office 2003 when help is started or actually going on to the internet you have to enter a password and username for your domain.

He is fine with that, however this is my problem, when a client accesses the internet or application he enters in his password and username and it allows him on, but if he moves to different programs or accessings sites it keeps on asking him to authenticate. The user types in save password in the list but this still does not help.

ITs just to hard to have to keep on entering the password over and over for users to be productive. The client would like one initial username and password to connect say when the usre logs on in the morning and not have to worrry about it until the next time the user logs on.

Any ideas, thanks

tshinder -> RE: authentication password prompts (25.Mar.2005 2:54:00 PM)

Hi Zodiac,

You shouldn't have to do that. Just configure the clients as Web proxy and Firewall clients and get the best security possible without needing to enter passwords all the time. Make sure the ISA firewall is a member of the domain, otherwise you reduce the transparency and the level of security.


zodiaczz -> RE: authentication password prompts (25.Mar.2005 6:20:00 PM)

Will you still be able to track where users are going on the Internet?

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