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liuty2006 -> Netfee 2.91 for isa server (21.Aug.2004 8:19:00 PM)

Integrated with popular firewall systems(ISA server etc.), Netfee can do Usage Analysis, Reporting, and Performance management. It is a network software solution for managing Internet access.It consists of a Analysis module, charge module and reporting module.

Netfee Analysis the firewall's log files, then write the result into database. The administrator can monitor the Internet useage (Bytes,Time,URLs etc ) of every user at realtime by querying the database. And base on the usage of Bytes and time, Netfee can calculate the user's fee to pay.

And Integrated with Microsoft Active Directory Service, Netfee supports managing of users and departments fully .

Product features
1. User /department administration
Integrated with Microsoft Active Directory Service to manage users. Besides, set different limitation for different users. These limitations include Bytes limit (by month), Time limit (by month), Bytes total limit, Time total limit and Expire date limit etc.

2. Support various charge mode
Can calculate Fee by Bytes received, by Bytes total or by Time used. User can prepay certain fee. System would terminate its rights of connecting to the Internet until prepaid fee runs out.

3. Support many firewall products
support ISA Server, MS_PROXY,CSM, Firewall_1 etc.

4. Support data archive
Archive data every month, So can query previous information of users.

5. Real time user information
Can monitor user state at real time.

6. Trace and sort websites
Can query the information of websites visited by user/department, and sort them by the visited hints, bytes or time used.

7. Display used protocols
Display protocols used by user in details.

8. Display files Transferred.
Display files downloaded or upload by user in details.

9. Detect MSN, ICQ and other chat tools automatically
Record the protocols and ports used by different kinds of chat tools and display in different colors. Find out them in time if there are users using these chat tools. Then limit the use of these tools through making different firewall policy.
10. Report Output
Output the query results to report in Excel or HTML format

11. Web query and change userĘs password
User can query the status and change password through Internet

12. Tie user with IP address
Constrain user to use fixed IP address.

13. Backup and restore information
System can backup user information duly.

14. Data Chart
Output the chart of user states, and make querying more vivid.

15. Run on every computer in an intranet
Administrator can monitor the network states on every computers.

16. Fast data processing
Using data cache algorithm, data process rate can be up to 100M/Min.

17. Support SQL Server
Can save data into SQL server


netfee for isa server

modren -> RE: Netfee 2.91 for isa server (3.Jan.2005 2:38:00 PM)

thinks a lot

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