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conrofr -> Socks 5 Client Authentication (17.Jan.2005 10:42:00 PM)

I am aware the Securesocks5 is coming out with an Addin "soon". But I have client that need to authenticate with Aventail's Socks5 Based VPN solution through ISA server now. Can anyone give me a suggestion or idea on how to allow Socks 5 authentication through filtering or policies. Any help or serious suggestions would be appreciated.

conrofr -> RE: Socks 5 Client Authentication (19.Jan.2005 8:59:00 PM)

Securesocks5 is out for ISA 2004. Just installed it. Seems to work so far. Stay tuned

bsockel -> RE: Socks 5 Client Authentication (25.Jan.2005 5:52:00 PM)

I am trying to do the samething. Did you have any issues after you installed the socks 5 filter?

conrofr -> RE: Socks 5 Client Authentication (25.Jan.2005 8:33:00 PM)

Actually, I'm having no luck at all. The only way I can get it to connect is by telling Aven. that the ISA is a socks5 proxy on port 1080 and at that point it requires user autentication to the ISA server with a real neet message tell ing users that they are passing thier password out in the clear. Sorry I could not have been more help. Please let me know if you have better success

JesseA -> RE: Socks 5 Client Authentication (25.Jan.2005 9:31:00 PM)

Frank, you can disable authentication in Aventail: Configuration Tool -> Authentication tab -> uncheck 'Cleartext password, using cache manager', then Save and Make Active.
So you will be authenticated by only IP on ISA Server. Of course policy rules must allow access for that client IP.

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