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DFurey -> Event ID: 14148 (since loading DownloadSecurity) (4.Feb.2005 12:12:00 AM)

Can someone help me resolve this issue, please. I am getting Event ID: 14148 after installing GFI Download Security on ISA 2004. Below is the error message.

The Web Proxy filter failed to bind its socket to port 80. This may have been caused by another service that is already using the same port or by a network adapter that is not functional. To resolve this issue, restart the Microsoft Firewall service. The error code specified in the data area of the event properties indicates the cause of the failure.

I am running ISA2004 in edge (template)configuration, dual NICs (one internal (172) and one external (198)) on Windows 2003 Server.

Additional question, what gateway and DNS should I use for both NICs? We have a DNS server internally.

I appreciate any help anyone can offer.

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