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wintelmj -> Virus Scanning Software w/NLB Config (15.Jun.2005 11:42:00 AM)

I'm looking for software we can use to scan traffic through our ISA server. I want something that will work with 2 servers in an NLB configuration.

GFI seems to have issues crashing the FW service and you have to make changes on each ISA server when ever you want to make a change to the GFI software.

I would like something that will replicate the changes like when I change the ISA configuration it changes it on all servers.

Has anyone used Mcafee with ISA 2004 with at least 2 servers using NLB? Were evaluating that one right now in our lab enviroment.


hekon -> RE: Virus Scanning Software w/NLB Config (28.Jul.2005 12:31:00 PM)

I am currently using McAfee visruscan 8 on 2 ISA 2004 EE array. I experienced an issues in a test environment with an ISA standard server, and the problem has been duplicated on the EE servers. The server basically fails completely with several memory areas. I have not been able to confirm McAfee as the problem but no one can provide specific guidlines on how to safely use McAfee on ISA so I have disabled it and I'm in the process of monitoring the server for a repaet failure.

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