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Guest -> ISA\McAfee performance (10.Aug.2005 7:38:00 AM)


I am after information from people regarding the speed of Internet access that they may be experiencing with ISA 2004 and McAfee Security Shield for ISA 1.0.

Since installing the McAfee AV Engine, I have had test user's commenting on Internet Access being slower than when they were on the Proxy 2.0 server.

I tested this with a couple of colleagues, one being on each server and noticed that the pages going through the ISA server were a bit slower, on sites considerably.

However when I disabled the McAfee AV filter, the ISA box was generally faster than the Proxy server in returning web pages. We performed a bandwidth test and the ISA server was a lot faster than the Proxy server.

Therefore could you please let me know if you've had performance issues with McAfee's or any other AV tools running on ISA 2004.

I also use Websense filtering but this is on a separate server.


Guest -> RE: ISA\McAfee performance (10.Aug.2005 7:43:00 AM)

Also forgot to add, I have applied Patch 1 and the hotfix for McAfee Security Shield.

With regards to performance issues please advise on how you managed to improve it and if there are any performance tweaks/fixes available.



Firefox -> RE: ISA\McAfee performance (15.Aug.2005 7:43:00 AM)

I do have the idea there is a significant impact on performance.

Another - rather troublesome - part is that downloading larger files may result in webbrowser timeouts because there is no progress information is sent through.

As I've understood, there are also virus filters that let the packets through. The scan still takes place on the firewall when the download is completed, and if a virus is found, the download is still aborted... But this way the user/download agent is being informed of the progress of the download while the file is downloaded, avoiding any timeouts as is the case with downloading large Servicepacks.

With SecurityShield I haven't found a way to have that handled properly, making the internet experience seem rather slow to end users.

Guest -> RE: ISA\McAfee performance (8.Sep.2005 12:06:00 PM)

same problem here, sec-shield degrades the performance of my isa2004 box...

does anybody have a link to the patches for sec-shield?
cant find them anywhere, and my grant-nr leads me nowhere.

bjblackmore -> RE: ISA\McAfee performance (20.Sep.2005 8:58:00 AM)

Same problem here, seems to be the web proxy filter. If I disable it browsing happens nearly instantly, enable it, and sites like can take 2 - 3 minutes to load. I've just raised it with NAI support who are investigating! Thank god we got gold support, no good having the product sitting there only doing 1/2 what it should be!

Thijzzz trying to going to and logging in to the service portal, it should then display all the updates your due!

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