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LLigetfa -> RE: Recommendations for web filtering add-ons (11.Dec.2005 5:05:23 PM)


I have a review that will be up on the Web site soon

From those words, I have to presume that it was at least partially done.  OK, I understand that since they released the new build, that in fairness the review should be revised, so what is the ETA on the revised review?

Since there is no more free component to WM3, I cannot eval even the free basics and since my original eval period was squandered, even the special eval keys no longer work.  I did try contacting GFI but they did not reply.  Looks like my only option is to take the word of reviewers or to buy a "pig in a poke".

Oh, and since there is no more *free* component, you should remove it from the Free Tools section.

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