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pdesroches -> surfcontrol username multiple domain (27.Oct.2005 2:20:00 PM)


We have a school setup where isa is connection to 3 domains, one domain for admin, one domain for student and one domain where the other domain only have a one way trust to share files.

Isa is a member of this third domain and since this domain have 1 way trust to the other two, I can see users of both of these domain.

No I want to be able with surfcontrol to do some audit on some users. All I have right now in the monitor is IP adress. I have read to have username I have to setup my access rule to allow only authenticated user.

What happen is that none of my users are member of this third domain, ao when I want to go on a web site I get the explorer login popup.

Is there a solution to my problem ?

Thanks a lot


rralston -> RE: surfcontrol username multiple domain (3.Nov.2005 6:13:00 AM)

If I understand your settup correctly, your ISA domain has a one way trust to the other domains, where ISA trusts the other domains.

In this configuration, in your access rule, you must add an ISA defined user group, which is populated with the users from the trusted domains. Typically you would do this by adding the appropriate security groups from the trusted domains. Without this, ISA is attempting to authenticate against its own domain and presents a credentials dialogue when it cannot find the user.

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