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danahallenbeck -> Prompt for authentication (10.Oct.2003 3:51:00 PM)

I have 2 ISA servers in a chained configuration (internal server pointing to an external server). My problem is with certain sites that require authentication...I will continually get prompted for a username and password and eventually get denied access.

The strange part of this is that it only happens on the internal ISA server. If I try to access the sites from the external server or from the internal server with the proxy settings pointing to the external server, I can get in fine. So I figure that the authentication is getting messed up somewhere. Problem is I can't figure out where.

Both servers are set up to use integrated authentication and basic authentication.

Any idea what might be causing this?

Dana Hallenbeck

sniper -> RE: Prompt for authentication (11.Oct.2003 12:37:00 AM)


On either ISA server do you ask unauthenticated users to authenticate? and do you use groups in your site and content rules or have them set to any request

danahallenbeck -> RE: Prompt for authentication (22.Oct.2003 3:33:00 PM)

I have tried several configurations.

I tried to configure the downstream server to ask for authentication with the Site & Content Rule set to allow anyone anywhere and the Protocol Rule set to allow all IP traffic. I get multiple prompts to login to specific sites with a resulting failure.

I also configured it to NOT ask for authentication with the Site & Content Rule set to allow the 'Everyone' group to go anywhere and the Protocol rule to allowe all IP traffic. This still caused the login problem.

If I set it to not ask for authentication and set the Site & Content Rule to allow anybody anywhere, it works! But this does not resolve usernames, and management wants names...of course.

The upstream proxy is set to not ask for authentication, and allows anyone anywhere.

Thanks for your help.


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