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Faheem -> cache configuration (29.Jun.2004 12:40:00 AM)

hi to all, this is my first ever post in this forum, i m a new bie of that field of isa, i have done all things perfectly, but i want to ask something from cable net operators specialy in pakistan, that wht is a best cache configuration for a cable net operator, that sites are updated automaicaly in night and clinets access it on morning from cache and wht senior memebers suggest for best cache configuration, thanks a lot , hope for the best, waiting for reply....

qmp21 -> RE: cache configuration (16.Jul.2004 12:45:00 AM)

farhan akhter the best way for isa server to intall for cable net you can use in cache mod installation only and make & after insatallation make more hard disk speace for cache drive like more then or = 40 gb AND FOR CACHE CONFIGRATION YOU CAN CONTECT ME BY
note dont use ISA installations for cable net remember to protect you by future problems from clients & make one rule withe name of (ALLOW RULE)
in the rounting option with selection in cache option (all contents included dynamic...) must be select and under bridging option you select the SSL option but dont do any changes in first defult rule in routing and both rule should be directed from direct internet uper streem proxy server as your ISP proxy and here you can able to use any other proxy server like other ISA for big trafic control ok thanks and bye.

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