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tshinder -> Discussion on HP Appliances (7.Jun.2005 5:05:00 AM)

This thread is for general discussion of HP appliances.


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jonathan_vella -> RE: Discussion on HP Appliances (21.Jul.2005 4:47:00 AM)

does this appliance support the installation of 3rd party products such as SurfControl?

tshinder -> RE: Discussion on HP Appliances (21.Jul.2005 6:50:00 AM)

Hi Jonathan,

Yes! That's one of the advantages of the HP offering.


jbarsodi -> RE: Discussion on HP Appliances (21.Jul.2005 5:41:00 PM)

I'm running two of these HP guys on my network. The only hang up I've had is the DTC service is disabled from the hardening. I had to re-enable it to get Win2k3 SP1 installed. Otherwise these are GREAT appliances.

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sheng_z64 -> RE: Discussion on HP Appliances (24.Jul.2005 9:34:00 PM)

This HP Dl320 only use SATA H/D. Would it be better to use RAID to protect hard disk failure such as DL360 model. Thus the ISA admin can sleep well at night.

tshinder -> RE: Discussion on HP Appliances (25.Jul.2005 5:27:00 AM)

Hi Sheng,

RAID would increase uptime on a single device, or just buy two and use RainWall -- then better than RAID [Wink]


superprutser -> RE: Discussion on HP Appliances (27.Jul.2005 8:05:00 AM)

Or you can implement software raid, which works for us.
However to implement it we had to restore the image hp provides on the extra hdd and then delete the os partitions, we could then create a sw raid 1 set-up for the os partitions.

The restore on the disk just to create the bootable HP partition where the boot flag is stored.

Unfortunately it's impossible to create a sw raid 1 for the HP partition.

jboettger -> RE: Discussion on HP Appliances (29.Jul.2005 3:08:00 PM)

A vendor came in and installed a DL 320 appliance. I am trying to locate the firewall client software directory but it's not where it should be. I believe it should be at c:\Program Files\Isa 2004\client but it is simply not there. The vendor is clueless as to why it's not there as well.

If I install ISA 2004 SP1 will the updated client directory be installed? Is there some place to directly download the updated FW client?

Has anybody dealt directly with HP support for support on this product. I've called a couple of times but the HP help desk doesn't seem to know anything about the product. If you have, what # did you call and what HP support team did you ask for?

Keep checking the HP for software updates and there aren't any which is a bit hard to believe.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

tshinder -> RE: Discussion on HP Appliances (31.Jul.2005 10:43:00 AM)

Hi Jim,

You should have received a copy of the ISA firewall software CD. Use that CD and the Add/Remove Programs applet to install the Firewall client software. I highly recommend that you do not install it on the firewall. Much better to install it on a file server.


jbarsodi -> RE: Discussion on HP Appliances (9.Aug.2005 7:27:00 PM)

Originally posted by Sheng:
This HP Dl320 only use SATA H/D. Would it be better to use RAID to protect hard disk failure such as DL360 model. Thus the ISA admin can sleep well at night.

You can get SCSI drives as well. I'm running 2x72gig drives with s/w RAID. Works great.

tshinder -> RE: Discussion on HP Appliances (10.Aug.2005 8:23:00 AM)

Hi John,

Thanks for the update!


reddog64 -> RE: Discussion on HP Appliances (17.Aug.2005 12:54:00 PM)

We've had this appliance up and going since april i believ, no issues.

I'd recommend this HP to anyone.

we run surf control on it as well and it services about 400 people to the internet and vpn connections.

HOWEVER... it took almost 2 months to get this appliance. HP Continually lied to us about the shipping date and what the hold up was. Apparently they were backordered on CD-Roms, then the SCSI HDD's... Then their image was corrupt... I have 9 9Count them 9) email saying my item has shipped. It didnt come till the 9th email from our rep.

VERY dissappointed with Customer service, but a great product, with no problems yet!

Questions? ask

tshinder -> RE: Discussion on HP Appliances (18.Aug.2005 5:48:00 AM)

Hi Aaron,

That's really crummy re: the customer service [Frown]

Good to hear that the solution is working great for you, though!

I hope Clint took good care of you guys, and if you want to give him an endorsement on this site, that's fine with me! [Big Grin]


reddog64 -> RE: Discussion on HP Appliances (26.Aug.2005 4:50:00 PM)

Clint did an excellent job, we even did a service contract with him.

If anyone is looking for someone to fly to their place and set up ISA for a decent price e-mail me and i'll give you his e-mail address!


He set our advanced network up and we are completely satisfied!

tshinder -> RE: Discussion on HP Appliances (28.Aug.2005 11:19:00 AM)

Hi Aaron,



randybridges -> RE: Discussion on HP Appliances (31.Aug.2005 5:53:00 AM)

Right after they became available, I recommended that one of my clients purchase the DL320 unit (which I promptly installed for them!). It arrived about 1 week late, but everything was according to spec and setup correctly upon arrival.

After much haggling with the client over implementing a secure rulebase vs. letting the FW stay "open" for web users, I grudgingly left it open for all outgoing web access and locked down the VPN access rules.

Within a month, some pros from the outside did a great job of tearing up the FW, but the unit failed safe - nothing got through. It took five complete passes through the hardware initialization phase before all of the hardware was back to normal and the ISA/OS image could be reapplied. Once that was done, it was business as usual.

After that experience, the client understood WHY we implement a secure rulebase, but they still decided to test our new locked-down rollout... One of the client's employees is married to an FBI data security agent in a nearby city. Unknown to us, the members of his team spent more than 2 weeks trying to break into the firewall and network, without success. Not only did the ISA unit do its job, I was able to alert the client of the attempts and the hacking/probing failure, thus letting them know we were also doing our job. I consider that a good implementation.

Even though it took a long time to return the access to normal, the DL320, the HP configuration tools, the imaging disks and good documentation truly saved the day. While we also install the Network Engines ISA firewall appliance (NS6300/NS6400), I still recommend the HP rollout for environments that need an extra little helping hand.

Randy Bridges

tshinder -> RE: Discussion on HP Appliances (2.Sep.2005 11:05:00 AM)

Hi Randy,

Fantastic report!


Rickymag -> RE: Discussion on HP Appliances (4.Sep.2005 2:26:00 PM)

Hello All,

Have installed a few of these and all good; however have received one that the hardware was not working correctly. It took a few days to replace. I guess this sometimes happens. After the replacement of the faulty hardware all works well. My tip is test the machine for about a week before going live to rid of all the gremlins.

Good ISA hardware is here to stay! [Smile]
Speak soon

tshinder -> RE: Discussion on HP Appliances (5.Sep.2005 10:54:00 AM)

Hi Ricky,

Thanks for the update!


dolphx -> RE: Discussion on HP Appliances (25.Oct.2005 11:46:00 AM)


We are evaluating a pair of DL320's and based on the posts here have added Rainwall to the list that we will need to be purchasing. I would like to know if anyone has implemented a pair of DL320's with Rainwall and any feedback regarding the installation.

Our environment is distributed to 17 locations with all Internet access forced through the home office (T1's from the sites, then OC3 to the Internet), there will be approximately 300 workstations routed through the pair to the Internet, both will be behind a pair of PIX firewalls. We are in a Novell environment with an Active Directory implementation set to complete early 2006. The servers will be AD members, users are on AD, but workstations are not yet.

Thank you.

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