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234234dvdfvdfvasd -> ISA server 2004 blocking port 8080 (11.Aug.2005 2:23:00 PM)

I had Xerox Docushare running on my SBS 2003 Premium edition with ISA server 2000. Docushare uses tomcat on port 8080 and a bridge to run with IIS. With ISA server 2000 everything was working fine but after I install service pack 1 with ISA server 2004 I cannot access my Companyweb site or my Intranet or any of the
websites that I have published I just can see a "Service Unavailable" page no more information
but I have access to the internet. I tried to use only tomcat for docushare
and the program works and I can access the Intranet but I cannot access
Internet I get a apache tomcat error. I know that the Webproxy on ISA uses
port 8080 but since ISA 2000 it was using port 8080 and everything was working so I don't think that is the problem, what can be the error?
Could be a Caching problem?
Any help is really welcome

tshinder -> RE: ISA server 2004 blocking port 8080 (12.Aug.2005 8:36:00 AM)

Hi Oswaldo,

What IP address is the Web site bound to?

If the Web listener binding to TCP 8080 is listening on the internal interface (which is should be), then the Web site can't be bound to the same socket. So, you can change the IP address used by the Web site, or bind it to the external IP address on the ISA firewall.


234234dvdfvdfvasd -> RE: ISA server 2004 blocking port 8080 (12.Aug.2005 9:51:00 AM)

Hi Tom,
Thanks for the reply. I use the host name for Docushare as that is the domain name that points to my static IP address, when I type the program works fine and I have internet access but I have other websites that don't work such as,Outlook Web Access or Companyweb on my intranet. I tried to disable caching to see if this help but it is not working. With SBS 2003 and the default config that I have on ISA I use 2 NICs the external with the static IP address asigned for my ISP and an internal NIC that connects to my switch. The internal IP is and all my Websites on IIS point to this address and I think ISA redirects them to the external IP right?
The SBS Web Listener has HTTP enabled on port 80 but the Web Proxy client is enabled on port 8080.
Should I bin Docushare to my static IP address (the external)? But ISA is not going to redirect it to the internal like it is doing with the websites? Because I put my static IP address on a web browser and I access the web site that points to the internal IP.
Sorry I am new to ISA and ISS.
Thank you very much for your help.

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