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Guest -> ISA Port Blocking (24.Oct.2005 2:43:00 AM)

Could someone explain how to block ports using ISA server with the default installation? My server has one NIC and I can't figure out how to block certain ports like 135, 445 etc. It would be nice if you could also explain how to create an exception for only 1 subnet or IP address.



hgh -> RE: ISA Port Blocking (13.Dec.2005 2:42:14 PM)

First goto ISA managment>Servers and Arrays>Access Policy>
Then right Click on IP Packet filters and select new. A new box will appear give it a name and click next.
You have two options, First is you have some predefined and custom. you can select custom but if its predefined then
you can select it from the list. If you choose custom then click next. You have several options here now.
First box is IP protocol(Custom, Tcp, ICMP, UDP), Then Destination(inbound, outbound or both), Local port(All ports, Dynamic or Fixed),
Remote port(All ports, Fixed or dynamic). I think it should be enough to guide you but if you need more please let me know

scottx -> RE: ISA Port Blocking (14.Sep.2007 7:27:09 AM)

Hi, is it possible to enable Port Blocking in this version?


How can I enable IP Packet Filters here?
Thank you!

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