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vaseem -> ISA , MDaemon Mail Server & Message Screening (25.Apr.2002 5:25:00 PM)

We have just installed an ISA Server in our organisation with two NIC cards Internal (192.168.1.x) & an External (20x.12x.yyy.zzz) with real IP address. Things seem to be better than MS Proxy 2.0 which we were using previously.
As a Mail Server we are using MDaemon v2.8.7.5 (from on an Internal IP. I want to take advantage of SMTP Filtering in order to have some controls on the 'Attachments' that come 'into' or go 'out' of our network.
By the way my mail server works without Server Publishing also using our ISP's DNS. I have tried both the options viz; a) Without Server Publishing & b) With Server Publishing, but the SMTP filter doesn't get into action
(please note that the SMTP filter is Enabled)
I have gone through Mr. Shinder's tutorials also about Server publishing for SMTP. But for me it works without publishing the Server too.
How do I take advantage of Message Screener? On which specific machine which command will have to be executed?

Pls help.

vaseem -> RE: ISA , MDaemon Mail Server & Message Screening (26.Apr.2002 6:19:00 PM)

I think I had not given enough information so the picture is not very clear. Please find more info. I have enabled routing on the ISA server.I have
setup protocol rules for this particular mail server as client (using client address set) to allow for DNS Zone transfer & DNS query along with SMTP & POP3 Server protocols. We use our
ISP's DNS which is entered into the MDaemon's DNS
configuration setup. And one very important thing is that my mail server viz; MDaemon v2.8 (from does not use IIS' smtp. It has its own SMTP. We have to mandatorily disable the IIS services on the mail server.
Moreover, it is running on an NT Server 4.0, hence there is no question of IIS 5.0. Mail server is working fine. I have SMTP services disabled on the ISA box as well as mail

In this secenario can we take advantage of Message Screener (SMTP Filter)?

Mr. Shinder if you can spare a minute on my problem, please.


tshinder -> RE: ISA , MDaemon Mail Server & Message Screening (27.Apr.2002 4:16:00 PM)

Hi Firewalker,

You *must* install the Message Screener on a machine that is running the IIS 5.0 SMTP service and then configure the appropriate DCOM permissions using the dcomcfg.exe tool. Check out my article on the Message Screener at


vaseem -> RE: ISA , MDaemon Mail Server & Message Screening (29.Apr.2002 7:11:00 AM)

Thanx Mr. Shinder,
But there is a little problem in my scenario. As mentioned in the earlier post, my mail server doesn't use IIS SMTP. Infact, one has to disable the IIS SMTP services for using MDaemon mail server as it has its own SMTP server. Moreover, the mail server is on NT 4.0, hence IIS 4. Whereas, Message screener needs IIS 5.0 & its SMTP too. Do u feel I can still use the SMTP Filter option?

tshinder -> RE: ISA , MDaemon Mail Server & Message Screening (29.Apr.2002 11:37:00 PM)

Hi Firewalker,

You can still use the SMTP filter to filter out bad commands that might lead to a buffer overflow, but you won't be able to use the Message Screener. There is a way to configure the Message Screener on the ISA Server's SMTP service, but I haven't written that article yet [Big Grin]


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