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jinkostas -> Strange Problem (2.Jul.2002 12:52:00 PM)

Hello to all

The company i work is using ISA Server for Firewall and it we
have published succesfully a lot of services behind it. Like
Mail Sevrer, Web Server, Terminal Services etc.
The company offers hosting services (web hosting etc)

We have a customer tha has a Static IP ISDN 128Kb connection and he
is using an ISDN Dial-up Router to be exact a Zyxel model "Prestize 100"

When that customer configures his router to use only one channel (64kbps) everything
works fine. He can upload to our ftp server he can see web pages download his e-mail etc.
When he is trying to use both channels (128) then something strange happends. He cannot
donwload his e-mail or see the web pages..

That problem is happening to that customer only when he is using both channels on the ISDN
and only when he is trying to access our services and some prticular sites on the internet.
The proble for web browsing is solved only if he use on the internet explorer a
proxy server that is provided from the his ISP.

I can't see anything strange on ISA logs and none of my customers is having that problem.
We showed him on his office a connection using the same pc's but the connection is throught
Windows ICS and evetything is fine. So it must be something woth the zyxel but Zyxel says
that there is no problem with their product...

Any idea??? please help me

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