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skratchi -> OWA not reachable , username // password (7.Feb.2003 10:37:00 AM)


In my office, we use ISA with the Cobion-Plugin OrangeBox Web (www.cobion.de), however...
Now if I try to login my private OWA at home (my own home-server) the login-window appears, but when i give the right username/password, the login will be denied. But when I uncheck the "Ask unauthenticated users for identification" in "Outgoing Web Requests" in ISA-Server, it works. But as the Orangebox WEB needs to have the user-auth. checked, i can't leave it unchecked.

Any suggestions or ideas?

PS: the config:
client: winnt 4, IE6
Server office: w2k server, isa
Server home: w2k server, exchange2000

Thank you very much in advance

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tshinder -> RE: OWA not reachable , username // password (9.Feb.2003 1:00:00 AM)

What does the cobian thing do? Remove it and see if that repairs the situation.


skratchi -> RE: OWA not reachable , username // password (10.Feb.2003 8:14:00 AM)


The Cobion thing does content management for our office. We need it here in the office, so my boss would'nt be very happy if I would just wipe it out.


tshinder -> RE: OWA not reachable , username // password (10.Feb.2003 5:29:00 PM)

Hi Alex,

Ouch! OK, you better leave the cobion thing there [Wink]

Try removing the checkmark from the "ask unauthenticated users" checkbox. Then make sure that all Site and Content Rules require authentication by user/group or client address set.


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