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cmuller -> IBM WebSphere (6.May2003 9:01:00 PM)

Ok, here is one for everyone to figure out, because I can't seem to make this work.

One Server behind ISA configured as follows
- DB2
- Lots Domino port 81
- IBM HTTP server port 80
- Lotus Notes POP and SMTP
- Lotus Quickplace server that listen on Domino's port 81
- Lotus Sametime server for instant messaging on port 1533
- WebSphere Application server and Portal Server using the HTTP server

I have created a server publishing rule for for the websphere stuff on port 80. If I type in the portal server is displayed without any problem. My question is how do I create a rule for for the same URL using port 81. I was thinking I needed to have a rule for that was redirected to server A port 80 and another rule for port 81 on the same server. I guess I am just confused at this point.


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