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cmuller -> No External IP address (2.Jun.2003 5:14:00 PM)

I there a reason I receive a message no external IP address when I try to create a mail server publishing rule?? Here is my config: Cable modem with dynamic IP to a linksys router to the ISA server. The ISA server has a static IP address of 192.168.x.x and an internal static IP address on the second a card of 10.1.x.x. I have all traffic routed from the LINKSYS to the ISA server. Everything works great, I can publish my webservers and applications. works. The thing that I can not do is publish a server thru the wizard, like a mail server. It tells me no external IP address. Very odd.....

fogbank -> RE: No External IP address (3.Jun.2003 2:04:00 AM)

When you installed ISA, if you allowed the installation routine to construct your LAT automatically, then it added all of the private address ranges to your LAT: - - -

Since your ISA's external address is in the private address range of 192.168.x.x, it is probably in the LAT. Server publishing will fail to find an address it considers external in that scenario.

Reconfigure your LAT to exclude the 192.168.x.x range, or to at least exclude the specific address you are using as the external address. That should allow you to publish your server.

cmuller -> RE: No External IP address (4.Jun.2003 8:12:00 PM)

I had checked that already and my Lat only has the 10 space in it. Any other ideas?

chogg -> RE: No External IP address (17.Nov.2003 3:58:00 AM)

I had the same problem, what I did was include the all the ip addresses that the LAT would use when constructing the LAT, but I excluded the server I wanted to publish. I have the exact same setup as you and heres what my LAT looks like.

From to

You will notice I skiped, as thats the external ip address I get from the router.

I did have to put the GW in the proxy settings of the browser in order to get access to the net.

Hope this helps

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