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jvanepps -> SMTP Message Screener (6.Jun.2003 9:24:00 PM)

I recently was having a problem with the SMTP relay server, which was not sending mails and was holding messages for a long period of time, in some cases - forever! Well I had to pay MS $245 for a support call in which they tell me that you never install the Message screener on an IIS machine as it causes many problems. I uninstalled that as they suggested, and voila all my mails come through fine. "[Confused]"

tshinder -> RE: SMTP Message Screener (8.Jun.2003 7:08:00 PM)

Hi Jve,

I think there must be more to this story! You MUST install the Message Screener on an IIS machine, since you must run it on IIS 5 SMTP service [Smile]


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