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jaya -> isa server as smtp relay. (3.Feb.2004 4:21:00 PM)

Somebody please help me. I have recently taken over a network with ISA preconfigured. I found out that we have a packet filter rule which allows traffic both ways.Packet Filter Name : Allow All
Enabled : True
Filter Mode : Allow
Filter Type : Custom
Protocol : Any
Direction : Inbound and Outbound
Which I knew I need to block immediately.When I disable this rule, email stops flowing through the network. tried to use the following article, in order to
configure the ISA Server as inbound and outbound smtp relay.
I have ISA 2000 Server configured on win 2000 server. 2 nic cards.Internal nic card has a and a external address allocated to it. The external nic has a address allocated to it.I have successfully published the exchange server,like any other web server in my network and users can access OWA successfully.My exchange
5.5 server is in the internal network, and forwards all email to the ISA servers internal ip address(
Currently the IIS Smtp Server on the ISA Server is set as it is mentioned in the article, except that it is not bound to any ip address, it is bound to "all unassigned ip address". And it is set to forward email to smart host [] my exchange server
As per this article you can use packet filtering or server publishing rules to make smtp relay available to internet hosts. I
tried to use packet filtering, hence did not disable scocket pooling. After all this I was unable to send and receive emails from our network. Where did I go wrong, what else do i need to configure?
Please help.
Thank You

tshinder -> RE: isa server as smtp relay. (4.Feb.2004 5:16:00 PM)

Hi Jaya,

That article outlines how to configure an inbound relay, but not an outbound relay. You must be very careful how you configure the relay configuration or else bad things can happen [Smile]

Make sure you follow the instructions exactly and use Server Publishing Rules. First configure the inbound relay. When you get that working, try the outbound relay configuration.

Packet filters work, but they provide a low level of security and are definitely not recommended.


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