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jaya -> Publishing Crystal Reports behind ISA (27.Feb.2004 4:55:00 PM)



I am publishing a website on my ISA Server. This web site
also has the power to generate crystal reports. All the
machines in the internal network , try to generate a
crystal report, the report can be seen in the crystal
report viewer. But from outside this is excatly the part
that does not work. Users can see the frame but the report
is absolutely grey( no data can be seen). I tried to
remove and reinstall the activex viewer on the client
machine, yet this did not solve my problem.
Under content groups, i do have a activex viewer entry to
support files of the
type .rpt,.emf,.epf,.etf,.cri,.cab,.tmp.
Where am I going wrong.Any help is appreciated.
Thank You

jsully981 -> RE: Publishing Crystal Reports behind ISA (17.Apr.2006 11:21:36 PM)

Hi Jaya,
  I was wondering if you were able to resolve this issue?  I too have the same problem.


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