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zolih -> Firewall Client and explorer.exe (4.Jun.2002 9:14:00 AM)


My Customer has a ISA Server (Integrated Mode). The Clients are Firewall and Web Proxy client. Some users would like to reach a File Server behind the ISA Server. If I create the Protocol Rules (Enable All IP Traffic Applies to a specific Group) and Site and Content Rules (Enable all Destination and Applies to a Specific Group) the users canĘt reach the File Server, but for example the Outlook is working very well. When I make an IP Packet Filter (Enable Predifined NetBios (all) ) everything is fine. I would like to control this access with Protocol Rules and Site and Content Rules, if it is possible. "[Big
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tshinder -> RE: Firewall Client and explorer.exe (6.Jun.2002 8:51:00 PM)

Hi Zoltan,

If you're going to let inbound access to NetBIOS, you might as well rip out the ISA Server and use a router [Big Grin]

Use VPN instead.


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