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Ajmal -> ISA client connectivity/ (18.Jul.2002 1:16:00 PM)

Very recently installed ISA server 2000 on our company's internal domain controller machine... which is a SBS 2000 machine...

Most of the workstations are NT 4, but some Win 98 also.

Whereas some of NT workstations get connected to ISA server and are able to use services, but on some NT machines client doesn't authenticates with the the ISA server. On bringing mouse over client icon in system tray, it pops 'cannot authenticate with ISA server <ServerName>'

On pressing Update now button it refreshes with the server name, but as soon as ISA a request is sent from the machine, a red block icon appears over its icon with the above mentioned msg.

Reinstalling client software didn't helped either. Does anybody has any idea. What could be the reason.

This problem is not on any Win 98 machines, even i installed client software on new Win 98 machine, its connecting.

If number of clients increases than the server license, what msg. appears (if any). How can I be sure that this is the licensing problem and not any configuration problem (As I have to assure the management also :-) ).

A response will be appreciated.

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